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Mega Custom Starter Pack for wargamers

Mega Custom Starter Pack for wargamers

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Write your nickname and army in the comments box of the purchase order to personalize the pack to suit you.

Product Description:

This comprehensive kit is the perfect complement for your wargames, providing precise and versatile tools for measuring and keeping track of life points for your units and characters. The kit includes a multifunction ruler and a set of life counters specifically designed to meet all your needs during the game.

Kit Components:

  1. Multifunction Ruler:

    • Measurements: 1 inch, 9 inches, and 3 inches.
    • Material: Durable and sturdy plastic, with clear and precise markings for accurate measurements.
    • Additional Features: Compact and lightweight design, easy to transport and handle during the game.
  2. Life Counters:

    • Total: 10 counters.
    • Distribution:
      • 5 Counters that Count up to 9: Perfect for small units or for quick and simple tracking.
      • 3 Counters that Count up to 20: Ideal for medium units or characters with greater endurance.
      • 2 Counters that Count up to 30: Designed for main characters or elite units with high durability.
    • Material: High-quality plastic with clearly visible and durable numbers.
    • Additional Features: Ergonomic design for easy handling and adjustment during the games.

Product Advantages:

  • Precision in Measurements: The multifunction ruler allows for exact movements and measurements, essential for a fair and strategic game.
  • Efficient Life Tracking: The different life counters allow detailed and specific tracking of your units' and characters' health, adapting to their individual needs.
  • Durability and Quality: Made with sturdy materials that ensure a long product life, withstanding constant use in multiple games.

Recommended Use: Ideal for wargame players looking for quality tools to enhance their gaming experience, providing precision in measurements and effective life tracking for their units.

With this kit, you can focus on strategy and enjoy your wargames even more.

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