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Green field playmat (60"x44" W40k)

Green field playmat (60"x44" W40k)

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The future of the galaxy is in your hands.

Get ready to conquer the Warhammer 40k universe with our printed game mat!

With all deployment zones included in the print, you can save time and take your games to a whole new level. This perfectly sized mat (60"x44") is perfect for thrilling and large-scale battles.

Additionally, the print is made on durable fabric and accommodated on a non-slip rubber base (mousepad material), making it long-lasting and easy to clean if it gets dirty.

Easily roll it up for storage, taking up very little space!

Don't miss out on the opportunity to take your games to the next level with our Warhammer 40k game mat.

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  • Deploiment zones

  • Mousepad mat

  • Scratch proof

  • Anti-slip

The playmats that will help you conquer the galaxy